ART: Active Release Technique

Gold standard in soft tissue therapies

Dr. Ryan Vermeesch is a firm believer in combining soft tissue therapies to compliment Chiropractic adjustments and neurological corrections. He believes that treating the muscles and other tissues after first establishing neurological function can often lead to better results and a more gentle adjustment if needed. Dr. Ryan has been trained by and studied under some of the finest minds involved in the latest cutting edge soft tissue techniques. Below you can find more information about ART, a staple of all the treatments performed at Genesis Performance Chiropractic.


ART is utilized to treat muscle strains and nerve entrapments caused by adhesions between muscles, nerves, and/or fascia. This technique is utilized by nearly every major professional sports team. These teams know the importance of addressing musculoskeletal dysfunctions and they choose ART as the mechanism to treat these.

Dr. Ryan holds certifications for Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Spine 1 & 2, Long Tract Nerve Entrapment and Complex Protocols. ART remains a large part of each patient visit at GPC. It is second to none is addressing mobility or range of motion restrictions in both chronic and acute situations.

By utilizing this technique, Dr. Ryan is able to ensure that muscles are able to move relative to each other without interference or restriction. This is an essential aspect of achieving quality movement. It can cause loss of ranges of motion, pain, numbness, referred pain and much more.

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