Ryan Vermeesch dc, art, p-DTR, sfma, nkt

Dr. Ryan was born and raised in nearby North Coventry, but fell in love with the Elverson area attending church in the area as a youth. Now, after earning his Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med Studies at Liberty University and his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic, he and his family of four have returned to Pennsylvania to serve the communities in and around Elverson, PA.

Dr. Ryan originally intended on attending medical school to pursue a career in orthopedics. This career path changed however, when he met his wife, Abigail, who came from a family with deep roots in Chiropractic. While attending Liberty University, he was able to learn under the guidance and observation of one of Abigail’s brothers, who was a Chiropractor in the area of Lynchburg, VA. It was here that Dr. Ryan was given his first glimpse of a holistic approach to health. It was more than enough to ignite a passion for pursuing a side of healthcare that was natural, non-invasive, and preventive in nature.

It was during his time at Palmer College that Dr. Ryan began to pursue a deeper understanding in the areas of functional movement and the relationships between different muscle groups to supplement what he was learning regarding the immense implications that the spine has on one’s overall health. He became Full Body Certified in Active Release Techniques (ART), in order to have a powerful tool to treat muscle and other soft tissue dysfunctions. He has since gone on to study a number of additional techniques, all of which have proved to be extremely useful and complementary to the chiropractic adjustments.


Abigail Vermeesch BCDHH, BS, CHS, CNHP

Dr. Abby grew up in Upper Peninsula, Michigan where she grew an appreciation for the outdoors and excelled in track and basketball. She was raised with a natural minded family that included her two older brothers going on to become chiropractors. She too pursued Pre-Med Studies at Liberty University and graduated with her Bachelor of Science.

Dr. Abby has also had a real interest in nutrition and healing the body naturally. This interest became much more when faced with her own health struggles and those of her son, Luke. She has lived out what she teaches and has seen the amazing ways that the body can heal itself when equipped with the right tools and given the best chance to succeed. It is because of this that she is so passionate about helping people achieving their health goals and getting well.

Besides her real life experience in living through significant health struggles, Dr. Abby has taken a number of different educational courses to further her learning and understanding of the human body and physiology. She loves learning and continues pursuing new research and information to help her clients get well.

Drs. Ryan and Abigail now have two beautiful children, Luke and Adalyn. They remain involved in their local church as a family and are grateful for the opportunity to serve God and the community for years to come.