More than Chiropractic

Each patient at GPC receives not only chiropractic care with each visit, but also a combination of soft tissue work (ART), functional neurology (P-DTR), and corrective exercises. Each visit is a unique treatment according to how the patient presents on that day. This means that the visit includes individualized care and not a cookie cutter in-and-out treatment. We also offer strategies to manage both acute and chronic inflammation/swelling through Deep Tissue Laser Therapy and nutritional recommendations.

Not Interested in Chiropractic care?

Not a problem. The other therapies that Dr. Ryan employs can treat many types of pains and injuries. Chiropractic adjustments are a wonderful compliment to these therapies but we certainly respect individuals who prefer not to receive that type of care and in many cases, it is not a hindrance to achieving a patient’s recovery goals.


Treatment Plans

Rigid treatment plans are not part of our patient experience at Genesis. We do not adhere to classic chiropractic treatment schedules and rarely need to see patients more than once per week because of the different style of treatment we employ. We feel that it is better to see patients only as often as they need to be seen and not an automatic three visits per week type of a model. This allows for patients to integrate some of the changes that are made during treatment and observe what changes in that time.

New Patient Orientation Video

Upon making your initial appointment at GPC, you’ll be sent a welcome e-mail that gives instructions on how to view a video for new patients. In this video, Dr. Ryan will begin to explain how the neurological therapies work. This type of therapy is often very new for most patients and we want everyone to begin to have a good understanding of why it’s necessary, how it works, and what we’re trying to achieve. It also gives patients a greater comprehension of how their pains or injuries came to be.


Time Spent

We feel it is important to take enough time to have a proper evaluation and allow for adequate time during visits to perform as much treatment as needed. Each patient is scheduled according to the time that they need in order to minimize wait time in the office. We do not take walk-ins out of respect for our patients who are scheduled.

Visit Schedule

Initial Visit: 1.5 Hours

Second Visit: 1 Hour

Follow-up Visits: 30-45 Minutes

Wellness visits are available for 15 minutes.


X-rays and Imaging

We do not take x-rays at GPC. If we feel as though x-rays or other imaging is medically necessary, then we are able to send for imaging at the location of the patient’s choosing. Patients are encouraged to bring any imaging or radiology reports that have already been obtained to their initial visit..

Insurance Coverage

We do participate with some health insurances. We also work with auto-accident and personal injury insurances. HSA/FSA cards are usually able to be used for services and sometimes products. We always check insurance benefits before a patient’s first visit so that they are able to plan for what visits will cost. If we are out-of-network with your insurance, we can provide you with a list of charges so that you may seek reimbursement. Functional Medicine visits are not covered by insurance but some labs may be covered.