Eliminate the guess work

Painting a full clinical picture is very important when it comes to health. We have selected the best labs across the country and use them to find out specifically what is occurring in your body. Commonly, blood work or lab work will give simply a snapshot of what's happening physiologically. The labs that we utilize with CCR at GPC give a much more in depth picture of the physiology and allow us to pinpoint areas of specific need that may have otherwise gone under the radar. 

Areas of concern within the body may not always be expressing symptoms outwardly but because they are struggling, they may be affecting other areas of the body or other organ systems which are indeed showing symptoms. Out of respect for the design of our body and in order to treat it as a whole, comprehensive labs that paint this complete clinical picture are extremely helpful.

In our various programs, certain labs are included. We also offer an a la carte style array of lab tests depending on your specific needs. The ordering and interpretation of lab work is a service offered to all patients and not limited to just nutrition or CCR patients.