Interview with Seth and Megan Roberts

6 months ago I was shaking uncontrollably, had no appetite, and had a host of scary neurological symptoms including sensitivity to noise and lights. I could not leave my home, and most days could not get off the couch. I knew something was wrong but was afraid to seek medical help as I knew they would suggest medication. It was then that I was referred to Abby. Within 2 weeks almost all of my symptoms disappeared. After a few months I decided to seek Ryan’s help as well. The combination of both of their programs have given me my life back. I could not be more grateful!
— Megan R.

Austin T talks about his successful recovery from chronic migraines and headaches at GPC.

’I’ve suffered from migraines for the past 18 years. As I got older they increased in occurrence up to 7 times per month. Spending 1/4 of your month in bed really started to take a toll on my life. After my first visit with Ryan I had just one migraine for the entire month. By the fourth visit I was migraine free- I have not had a migraine for 11 months now! Unbelievable healing powers!
— Austin T.

Healthcare practitioner and CrossFit athlete Becky talks about her experience at GPC for chronic shoulder pain and keeping her healthy for competition.

I came into across Dr. Ryan after a shoulder injury from the CrossFit Open. I struggled for about 9 months and saw 3 different Chiropractors and 2 Physical Therapists and basically no one was able to give me a diagnosis. All the treatment I was receiving was just making it better temporarily nothing was fixing or addressing the problem. I came in for my visit which was about an hour and a half long. I remember after the first session and leaving thinking ‘Oh my gosh. I have no shoulder pain.’ At that point, I realized that I found someone that I trust. I found someone that can take care of me as a healthcare provider. I’ve been here for multiples things like SI joint and my neck. Not only am I a healthcare provider by trade but I’m also a competitive CrossFit athlete and I beat my body up and I need someone to fix me up along the way and make sure my body is working the way it needs to. I have quite a few of my clients that I’ve referred to Dr. Ryan. Typically the type of clients I’ve referred to him are the complicated people. The people who have been everywhere and tried everywhere…those are the people I send to him. I recommend Dr. Ryan to just about everyone I come across with, whether they’re clients of mine, other athletes, or people that I coach. I tell them you have got to go see Dr. Ryan because this guy has just done wonders for me.
— Becky C.

Jodie P. talks about her experience at GPC and why she drives 10 hours for visits.

Ed talks about his experience with successful treatment of chronic headaches, shoulder pain, and hip pain at GPC.

I first came to the practice with intractable headaches. I had tried a whole series of medical professionals, medical doctors, neurologists, ENTs for ear blockage and none of them were able to do anything for me. They prescribed medications and couldn’t find anything physically wrong. The headaches that had lasted 4-5 months on almost a daily basis were probably 40% better after the first session. After the third session they were virtually gone. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Ryan explains what he’s about to do. I appreciate the fact that the visits seem unhurried. He’s always happy to spend the time with patients and make sure that they’re feeling well when they’re getting ready to leave. Not only would I recommend Dr. Ryan, but I already have.
— Ed H.

Luci talks about care for chronic low back pain at GPC.

I first started coming to Genesis 3 ½ years ago. I had been experiencing a lot of back pain and leg pain after surgery. It was chronic and I couldn’t walk easily, sit for any length of time and was having trouble sleeping. After my visit to Dr Ryan I noticed a difference right away. It has been life changing. He takes time and listens to your story.
— Luci D.

Angie F. talks about her experience finding Genesis Performance Chiropractic for severe low back pain after a skiing accident.

I’ve been coming here for about 3 years after suffering with back pain due to a ski accident. I thought I had internal injuries and after treatment from other physicians with no results and being told I would have to live with the pain I found Dr. Vermeesch. After treatments with Dr. Ryan I experienced a great deal of relief. I continue to come in for the care and the positive experience I receive at Genesis Performance Chiropractic.
— Angie F.

Linda talks about her experience with treatment of spinal stenosis, arthritis, disc problems, and chronic low back pain at GPC.

I had constant pain in my lower back due to spinal stenosis, arthritis, and some disc issues. I had heard from a friend about Genesis Performance Chiropractic and the different approach that Dr. Ryan takes with chiropractic care and decided to try something else. It has been very good for me because my pain is greatly reduced. It allows me to do more things and I am a happier person when I have less pain so the people around me appreciate that I come to Dr. Ryan. I also get laser treatments which are warm and relaxing. If you are suffering from pain and not getting any relief, you should give Genesis Performance Chiropractic a try.
— Linda S.

Laurel talks about her experience at GPC with shoulder, neck, and back injuries from an accident at work as well as her recovery from shoulder surgery.

I had a work-related accident that injured my shoulder and gave me a concussion. I was visiting a physical therapist a couple of times a week for my shoulder and trying to avoid surgery. After doing some acupuncture and trying some other alternative types of treatment I researched the website after hearing about Dr. Ryan from a friend. I appreciated the time and explanation given to me about what the treatment was going to be for me and healing my pain. He gives you the tools to keep things strong. My goal was to get back to work and that is what Dr. Ryan helped me do.
— Laurel M.

Jenn talks about her experience at GPC for treatment of sciatica as well as bringing her son in after a concussion.

I have always benefited from chiropractic care and when I moved to Elverson, I sought out a local chiropractor. I was experiencing some back pain and lingering discomfort from a past injury and sciatica pain. I am grateful for Dr. Ryan’s expertise on how the body works and the brain works and the systematic responses to different stimuli. When my son had a ski accident and suffered a blackout with a concussion causing some light sensitivity and neck pain I immediately thought of Dr. Ryan.
— Jenn R.

Deborah talks about her experience with treatment of shoulder pain, knee pain, and low back pain at GPC.

I first came in after being recommended by one of my neighbors. I was very happy with the treatments I had here [for a shoulder injury]. Very happy with the office. Everybody’s welcoming and makes you feel really comfortable. The experience has been really good. The treatments I’ve received here have been great. Through the years I’ve had a couple injuries and have come in for back and knee injuries. Each time after the course of treatment I’ve really improved and gotten back to my normal life as soon as possible. I was excited to learn that they have laser treatment here. I was really pleased with the results from that. It was really helpful. One of the best things about coming [to GPC] is that Dr. Vermeesch listens to you, he understands what you’re going through, and tries to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible. I think if you’re hesitant to try chiropractic, that’s understandable but I think if you give it a try, certainly, you’ll be pleased with the results.
— Deborah H.

Britt talks about her family’s experience with functional neurology work at GPC.

I was very interested in Dr. Vermeesch and his neurological techniques. I am a naturopath and appreciate his philosophy of communication from the brain to all parts of the body and the connection of emotional and physical well-being going together. Dr. Ryan spends a lot of time listening and he uses gentle technique to get the body to recover quickly.
— Britt S.

Janice talks about her treatment of shoulder and knee pain at GPC.

My experience with Genesis Performance Chiropractic has always been about individualized care and addressing specific pain. My initial complaint was in my shoulder. I have been doing yoga for over 10 years and was having trouble with movement and I wanted to improve my range of motion. Most recent issue has been my knee and Dr. Ryan has provided me with corrective exercises to address muscle strength for stabilizing the joint for healing the natural way. My experience with the office as well as the doctor has been one of great support and they look at me as an individual and how best to treat. That is what keeps me coming back.
— Janice C.

Barb talks about being treated for a fall and having maintenance care at GPC.

After several years with another chiropractor I decided I needed a change. I like to see Dr. Ryan for maintenance visits, but when I fell, and my body was suffering stiffness and feeling misaligned, I came until Dr. Ryan had me feeling better. I no longer have restless leg syndrome and my reflux has also improved. After seeing Dr. Ryan and the staff I feel better.
— Barb H.

Dr. Ryan helped Mel after Physical Therapist and the Surgeon couldn’t figure out how to get rid of a tightness in her fingers. We had come to an end with Physical Therapy. Within 15 minutes Dr. Ryan had the tightness gone.
— Pam W.

I cannot say enough amazing things about the husband and wife team that run Genesis Performance Chiropractic! They have helped our family in so many ways, but specifically Dr. Abby has changed my sons world. At 6 months he broke out with chronic eczema and constantly itched and had sores all over his legs. I hated the thought of giving him chemicals to just mask the issue and topical steroids to temporarily sooth his skin. So about a year ago I brought him to Abby and she dug deep to find the root cause and this past spring was the first time he was not raw with sores! His skin has been clear since! Ryan has also done a wonderful job of helping my husband and I with some joint pain we’ve had. I have become passionate about they’re way of treating health issues. I would encourage anyone to give them a try!
— Jennifer L.

I had pain in my thigh for over a year that was making it hard for me to walk uphill or even up stairs. I was attributing it to age, but a friend suggested that I visit Dr. Vermeesch and I am so glad that I did. The pain is now gone. I am very happy!
— Leanne S.

People of the area, I highly recommend Dr. Vermeesch. He is the first doctor who was able to find where the root of my problem was. We started out with a series of performance orthopedic exams, muscular strength tests, and range of motion tests to find any dysfunction. He did some chiropractic care, did some work with reactivating muscles and spent time educating me on the cause of my pain when I ran. I am so happy I went to see him because he didn’t only treat my problem, but he figured out what was causing the injury and fixed it!
— Maria Ediana F.

Awesome mixture of neuro work and chiropractic care! Dr. Ryan finds the root of the problem and works at solving it rather than masking the issue. Abby brings the nutritional aspect to the clinic, identifying the body’s deficiencies and treating with the best detox program I’ve come across.
— Alissa J.

Ryan and Abby have upgraded our families healthcare to the next level! The office is friendly & family oriented but with great individual attention. Ryan’s knowledge and expertise is constantly expanding & far beyond the average chiropractor. The NRT available through Abby is also a wonderful compliment to his care. You couldn’t find a better doctor & Co. to trust with the health of your family!
— Jana W.

Dr. Ryan brings a ton more than just chiropractic to the table. The muscle and neurological work he does is amazing.
— Dr. James F.

Highly recommend! GPC has helped my entire family. We are so grateful to have GPC’s care and guidance.
— Christy S.

From our baby, to my father- Dr. Ryan has the skill and knowledge to treat every generation. We are so thankful he is back in the area!
— Laurel M.

What a blessing your community is receiving! Dr. Ryan’s servant spirit, passion and skill are second to none. If you want true health care and would like to find the cause of your ailments, instead of just treating the symptoms, visit this man!
— Dr. Derek K.

Finding Dr. Vermeesch and his expertise of ART therapy combined with chiropractic treatments are the best. Amazing and so appreciated. After major issues of sciatica I am back, better then ever. Definitely will continue to be a priority as I am able to go back to the gym pain free. Dr. Vermeesch and staff are the best. Thanks!
— Diane D.

Dr. Ryan Vermeesch is an excellent chiropractor! He totally understands how our bodies function. The whole office experience from making the appointment to receiving an adjustment was superb!
— Deb S.

Great place, great atmosphere with lovely staffers.
— Stephanie G.

Excellent! I have suffered from back pain for years and I have seen a 75% Improvement in just the second visit! Not just a snap, crackle, pop change, but a lifestyle change is what this practice is passionate about. They listen to me and are very flexible with my needs and scheduling. I will definitely refer these people to all of my friends!
— Nicole N.

I received a recommendation for Genesis from a friend who had a similar stomach issue to mine. Even though I had a long drive it was well worth it. I had lingering stomach issues from a study abroad and had taken some supplements before, but my symptoms returned. Dr. Abby tested me and gave me different supplements and a diet change to try. Within of week of taking the supplements and changing my diet my symptoms began to subside! I am very pleased with the treatment I received at Genesis, and would strongly recommend her to individuals who have similar issues.
— Kevin L.