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Dr. Abby and Dr. Ryan Vermeesch

Dr. Abby and Dr. Ryan Vermeesch

Our Why

We know what it is like to suffer. To find dead end after dead end when it comes to health. From sports injuries resulting in surgeries to severe chronic illness to congenital birth defects in a child to a child with special needs. We started Genesis Performance Chiropractic to help those in need the way we were in need.

Through the ups and downs of these experiences, we’ve learned a lot along the way. We are passionate about sharing what we’ve learned and helping those who have not been able to find help. We know that the easy route isn’t always enough. We’ve pursued the latest in research, techniques and methods to help those who have tried the simple solutions, the do-it-yourself methods or the conventional routes and just have not gotten the answers or results they need.

To serve those in need, just like we were. That’s why we created Genesis Performance Chiropractic.


Multi-Therapeutic Approach

At GPC, we focus on providing the most well rounded treatment possible. We provide a multi-therapeutic approach by addressing function at a neurological level, working with structural issues within the musculoskeletal system and explore the needs of the body through functional laboratory testing. This approach is useful with patients who range from competitive athletes to children to seniors, giving each the customized care they require whether or not they have been treated by other chiropractors, therapists, or functional medicine practitioners in the past.




soft tissue therapies
active release technique (ART)

Used by every major professional sports team, ART is the gold standard in working with muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.

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functional neurology
Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex

P-DTR allows for cutting edge functional neurology treatments used to not only evaluate neurological dysfunctions but also to correct them.

functional Medicine / Nutrition
complete cellular restoration

Combining functional lab testing, diet and nutritional support in order to work with the body holistically while addressing toxicity at a cellular level.


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