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Multi-Therapeutic Approach

At GPC, we focus on providing the most well rounded treatment possible. We provide a multi-therapeutic approach by addressing function at a neurological level, working with structural issues within the musculoskeletal system and supporting the body via proper nutrition and dietary habits. This approach is useful with patients who range from competitive athletes to children to seniors, giving each the customized care they require.




soft tissue therapies
active release technique (ART)

Used by every major professional sports team, ART is the gold standard in working with muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.

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functional neurology
Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex

P-DTR allows for cutting edge functional neurology treatments used to not only evaluate neurological dysfunctions but also to correct them.

functional Medicine / Nutrition
complete cellular restoration

CCR combines functional lab testing, diet and nutritional support in order to work with the body holisticly while addressing toxicity at a cellular level.


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